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New Obsession for the Year – Aikido

Took my first (paid) aikido class on Tuesday, just before heading off to eskrima.  Yes, I am insane.  Anyway–

Aikido – 1/5/10

First off, the class, students and instructors were all extremely welcoming.  As a girl who’s always thought of herself as a serious klutz, feeling comfortable in a new physical environment is a must, especially if it’s almost entirely a male environment.  Kudos to them!

We worked randoori (I think that’s the term), concentrating on “working the spaces”.  The idea is that if someone is attacking you, and you move away, they’ll *follow* you.  This means that if you keep your head, you have a much better chance of controlling the situation.  You move in a direction that you choose, and maneuver your opponent into a good position *for you*.  Of course, the counter to this is: don’t follow.  But then, the whole point of aikido (as I understand it, I’m still obviously pretty new) is as a defensive art, so it seems unlikely there will be roving gangs of Aikido Thugs.

Need to work on:

Rolling.  Do not smash shoulder or hip into floor.  This is unpleasant.

Relaxing.  As this is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to pick up this art, I kinda knew I’d need work on it.  When I do get relaxed in practice, I work much better.

Dealing with more than one opponent.  Holy mash-up, Batman.  I had three zombie-like people coming after me and my brain froze.  Relates to the above issue, too.

Next class, Thursday.


One Response to “New Obsession for the Year – Aikido”

  1. Tristan sent me your blog Aimee, and my wife has your contact info. 🙂 Using the blog to tell you that I’m closing shop tonight because the roads are so terrible. Hopefully will see you Friday!

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