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The Return of Sparring

Last night was a blast, but also a really good learning experience.

As usual for me, the big message is RELAX.  Oddly, it was easier to relax during sparring than the first part of the evening.  As on Tuesday, we worked one-for-one, just with dequerdas sticks this time.  I found that I need to compartmentalize some of my techniques a little more.  Meaning:  do not use combat angles and techniques during training.  I was pushing Ian harder than I should have, resulting in a speed that was too high for experimentation and a complete lack of flow.  After Instructor McWethy pointed all this out to me, I had a much easier time being useful for both me and my partner.

Someday, I hope not to need all the reminders.  *grumbles*

We took the last half hour to spar, which was a blast.  I ended up sparring with Esten.  Since he’s approximately ten feet tall with infinitely long arms and a hit like a freight train,  it was an interesting experience.  He makes great use of the largo range, so my goal going in was to try to get him to overextend himself and use that to sneak in and smack him.  I had moderate success.

Notes from my post mortem:

I appear to be much better at keeping my cool in the ring.  This makes me happy.

I made good use of feints during the bout – got Esten to over-extend himself pretty well at least once.

I need to be more aggressive.  I’ll block things and then not take up the opportunity to counter-attack.  This may have something to do with needing to think ahead more.

I need to stay more grounded.  I have a tendency to rise up on my toes if I’m going for someone’s head (especially if he’s ten feet tall), and first, I don’t need to do that to hit his head, and second, it puts me off balance and lessens my maneuverability.

My strikes are too short, like I’m dabbing at a canvas with a brush.  I need to follow through.

Finally, watching Instructor McWethy spar Maxwell at the end of the evening was fun for everyone – excepting Maxwell, I think.  Glad I wasn’t on the end of that stick.  Just sayin’.


2 Responses to “The Return of Sparring”

  1. Nice summary of the night Amy. I would add that I thought the battle of the speedsters (Sarge and Eric) was also pretty entertaining.

    Also, I am glad I was not Maxwell too…

  2. Last night was terrific!

    I am pleased to see the progress everyone is making and the efforts to improve. With some of the comments from the post-mortum I am seeing another skill developing that is not in the curriculum (I think), but is definitely a necessity for personal improvement…having an eye for movement.

    There was a display of matched speed, a display of matched power, and a display of differing reach. All did well, but remember the pointers from the class…there’s always room to improve.

    An excellent class. Good work everyone!

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