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Aikido – in which I learn things I can’t spell

It may be hard to discuss my last aikido class, since much of it refers to Japanese words for actions which are hard for me to describe.  I need to poke at Phil for the handbook again.

Aikido – 1/8/10

The Friday block of classes starts out with a Basics class at 6:30, so there was much going over things like how to roll and how to stretch.  There’s a lot of attention paid in aikido to having very limber wrists, and it’s pretty easy to see why.  With my freakish level of flexibility, I don’t have too much trouble at all, but I obviously want to maintain my freakishness and therefore will do the stretches as much as possible.  In fact, I think at least some of them would be good to integrate in warm-ups for eskrima, especially if we’re doing knife work or KDM.

At any rate, most of the moves we practiced on Friday involved “letting your opponent have your arm” – not jerking away or freaking out, but moving toward the trapped limb and staying heavy to then move your partner’s arm and body into a better position.  Better for you, of course, not your partner.  Heh.

The biggest thing I felt I took away from that session is the way it felt to remain calm and step into my partner, basically taking away all his stability.  And really, all he has to do to avoid getting pulled into the technique is to *let go*, but since I’ve taken all of three classes, I think I’ll wait on asking about what to do when that happens.  I’m having enough trouble rolling backwards right now.  :-/


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