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Self-defense: don’t get fancy

I started taking a practical self-defense class styled as Western Historical Martial Arts this Sunday, and it was a blast.  I think it’s going to be really useful, especially in eskrima.

I tend to be too cautious in close work like KDM or knife, and this class is all about responding to real-life situations and shutting them down as quickly as possible, and it’s all in that range that freaks me out.  It means I spend a good portion of the time pushing myself, and I’m looking forward to getting less stressed by proximity.

Chris, the guy who runs the class (I’ll have to try to catch his last name later, but he knows Instructor McWethy) had us focusing on moves and stances that I’ve actually gone over in eskrima, but ones I’ve never been really good at, things like efficient block-counterattack combos, elbow strikes, hammerfist, backfist, etc etc.  The idea was to strip all the rules out of the sport of fighting and learn to fight in a why that will be useful should we ever be attacked on the street.

I’m *excited* about this class.  I think it will address a lot of issues that I’ve been blocked on, and I’ll definitely be continuing.

Now if I can just convince the other eskrima people that practice on Sundays should be earlier in the day …


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