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In which randori is hard

1/12/10 – Aikido

We worked again with the concept of making your attacker follow you and thus controlling the fight.  I had varying levels of success, but I do at least feel like the information is going to be useful once I assimilate it.  (No, we are not Borg.)

The main move we were trying to incorporate (I really have to try to learn the Japanese names at some point) was a turn led by the hips that is supposed to spin you past your opponent and take him down with your momentum.  This was initially hard for me, and eventually I figured out it was because I was approaching it like it was a step in a dance, not a move with purpose.  I guess I’m not so good at putting pretty flourishes on things unless I think there’s a reason for them.  Not really a bad thing, I think.

Anyway, once I looked at it as blending with my partner’s energy, it was much easier to get into.  I was initiating the move from my hips rather than my arms and shoulders.  At the end of the class, Phil sent us out one at a time to be “attacked” by three others at the same time.  I had to go relatively early, since I need to leave on time to get to eskrima, and while I had a hard time relaxing anywhere near as much as I’d like to, they still told me I did well.  I think they just want me to come back on Thursday.  😉

So, important points of the day:

Put purpose into your movements; don’t just react.  Think ahead.

Try to stay off your toes; be grounded.  Especially stay off your heels, since that locks your knees.

Rolling: think of making yourself into a tiny package, no flailing limbs, no straightened torso.



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