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Evade and Engage

Last night we got to play a fun game – Johnson sensei took up a foamy sword and ran around the room striking at us.  Our job was to evade without getting hit.  Fun stuff, and even a little bit of cardio.

Basics touched on: moving off the line, and moves and parries designed to bring you around to your opponent’s back.

Afterward, we moved into working with a parry to the outside that is basically two-thirds of parry-parry-check from eskrima.  The idea, rather than leaving a hand free to strike as in PPC, we wanted to leave ourselves open to sliding around to the opponent’s back and either throwing or knocking them down.

Initially, we worked with the throwing method, swinging our opponent around and off his balance as we took off away from the encounter.  I found that I had a little mental hiccup every time I finished the parry and needed to move around to the back.  It just felt odd, and will require more practice.

The second option, which was easier for me, was to get behind your opponent and step through his lead leg with your back leg.  Your knee runs into his thigh and sweeps through, knocking him on his back.  The important part was to avoid trying to strike with the knee unless you really know what you’re doing – you want to move from the hips and step through your opponent like his leg is a bead curtain.  Once I figured this out, it was lots of fun.

Looking forward to tonight, where I don’t have to leave early to catch eskrima!


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