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Sunday practice, all to myself!

As much use as I get out of the practice sessions we have on Sunday, I get the most out of the weeks where I’m basically alone with a more senior student.  It’s basically a “work on what Aimee needs work on” day, and it rocks.

I got together with Sargeant and pounded on some of the more intangible issues I’ve been ranting about, like stance, swinging through rather than the paintbrush dabbing, keeping blocks tight, things like that.  We started out with one-for-one, slow and light energy building up to hard and fast.  So many of my issues would be cleared up by getting more aggressive – I almost never press the attack and tend to throw my strikes from far away.

This lead to an interesting thought – I need to get more comfortable in medio range, especially in sparring.  Most of my moves in sparring are strikes from largo range, or trying to get myself out of quarto range.  That happy medium tends to be nothing more than a point between quarto and largo, which is really making me work harder and feel less comfortable than I should be.

I feel like I got better throughout the session, but I need to find ways to make these things *stick*.  Likely the only answer is to practice more often, and push myself harder to do things that don’t come completely naturally.

I need a set of pells here.  Seriously.


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