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Knee is better, shoulder is not – aikido

Necessary exposition:  I took a fall when dropping my car off at the mechanic last week.  Slipped on some ice on the front step, catching my shin on the edge of the step and knee smack on the ground.  No joint issues, but lots of bruise.

This wasn’t a problem until last night’s aikido class.  Turns out that I like to roll on one side more than the other, and the knee I put down is the bruised one.  Eeep.  As a result, throughout the class I was trying to roll on the other side, and in general failed miserably, getting a new shiny bruise on the point of one shoulder.  More mat time is obviously required.

I feel more like I’m getting the hang of things this week (aside from the rolling and knee issues – sounds a bit like I’m negating the good with bad, d’oh), and I’m liking the crossover I’m feeling between aikido and eskrima.  In particular last night, I was thinking of zanshin both during aikido (following uke with my awareness after the technique) and eskrima (awareness of my opponent, and keeping attention focused without anxiety).  It’s a great concept, and I feel like it’s adding to the experience quite a bit.


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