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Getting your brain out of the way – eskrima

Tony ran warm ups on Tuesday, and my abs say that it’s been a long time since we’ve worked them that hard.  Tells me what I’m doing the next time I direct warm ups.

The front of the class, consisting of me, Maxwell, Sargeant, Eric and Ryan, worked on drilling serrada blocks and follow-up counters, while the rest took up two sticks to work on siniwallis.  Because of uneven numbers, we had a person staying out and watching the timer; when it ran out, we rotated so everyone had a turn.  I like when we do this.  I have an opportunity to pick the brains of the senior students, and also get to work with people closer to my level.  It’s a good way to learn something and then try it out – we also get to check each other’s understanding of the concepts.

The biggest problem I was having can really be summed up as “brain got in the way”.  I feel like I understand what I’m supposed to be doing, but transmitting that information to my muscles was a bit like trying to blow a golf ball down a garden hose – things would get hung up and the entire process would just *stop*.  It was frustrating to be able to get the block off quickly and then just stop moving while my brain ground into gear and fed the counters down my spine.  Obviously, the best way (and perhaps the only way) to get this to smooth out is to practice until it’s all second nature.  I need a set of pells.

Speaking of which, that would probably help improve my strike technique, which I’m still working on.  No paint-daubing, dumkopf.

Lessons learned and things to work on:

Learn the classic counters first, then branch out. The classic counters have a design and purpose to them.  Once I understand those fundamental concepts, I’ll be able to apply them in a more dynamic fashion.

Practice until you don’t need to think about your next move. Muscle memory is not brain memory.

Tonight is sparring, and thankfully, I’ll have my helmet fixed.  Back in the ring with me!


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