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Bits and bobs – aikido

Like a lot of folks in my near vicinity, I’ve been sick on and off for about a month.  I appear to be healthy again, so hopefully I’ll be back to journalling all my stuff again as well.

As usual, I arrived early and sat through most of the kids’ class.  It’s generally a good time to see more basic versions of what we’ll be doing in adult class, and as a newbie to the art, this is really useful.  I noted a few things to myself:

Make sure to do rolls on *both* sides. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a little lazy about making things even on both sides.  This is a no-no.  Practice both, and make them both the same.

Make sure to work with nage when acting as uke. Don’t force your partner to use the more pain-causing version of the technique in order to get it to work.  That’s just … well, dumb on uke’s part.  Don’t insist that your partner hurt you!  Work with him.

Once adult class started, we worked on udefuri undo, a simple swinging of the arms in an aborted spiral around the body, side to side, movement started by the hips rather than shoulders.  We worked on “creating space” with a more weaponized version – rather than the unbreakable arm, we bent our elbows a tad and brought the arms up a bit.  If there were an attacker in front of this movement, he’d get hit with palms and elbows.  When used as part of udefuri, it created space by moving uke away, rather than simply bouncing nage off of uke.  This can prevent uke from cleaning your clock with the opposite fist as you swing into him.  Interesting to think about.

We also did something similar to randori but with techniques rather than avoidance movement.  Something or other waza.  Anyway, it was really interesting, and showed me that I know more techniques than I thought I did.  I’m glad I’m working with forgiving people, though – it’s easy to get flustered!


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