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Inosanto recap – eskrima

It’s good to be back in class after all the illness keeping me out.  My throat’s still unhappy about life, but it’s going to have to learn to deal.

Maxwell led warm-ups last night, focusing on stamina and being able to do strength moves even after a long exertion.  We ran various varieties of laps for about 15 minutes, then did 6-count body-builders.  My legs didn’t like this at the time, but I’m glad to report they don’t hurt this morning.  I’m also pleased with my recovery time – I come down from my max heartrate to resting quickly and was ready for more.  Still need to get back on the pull-ups and push-ups, though.  Curse my weak female muscles!

After the warm-up, the people who were able to attend the Inosanto seminar last weekend were asked to demonstrate some of the techniques we learned.  We nominated Eric to lead the demo, and he did a great job.

We went over a few stick techniques – a very effective simple disarm that could potentially be really useful in sparring, and block-redirect-block moves using siniwallis.  When done quickly, it looks like a crossada block that moves directly into a single-stick block.  We then moved into some of the empty-hands techniques that employed some grappling and takedowns.  It led to some interesting experimentation all over the room.

Also – note to self:  practice stick twirling more.  For you currently suck at it.  😛


One Response to “Inosanto recap – eskrima”

  1. Escrima is good fun and a very serious martial arts. i love the fact that the motions have multiple applications, a great way to train multiple attributes

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