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Atemi – aikido

Class on Tuesday was FUN.

Now, I recognize that I’m an unusual woman in that I *love* the physical part of martial arts.  The other woman in this class (actually, a 16-year-old girl), while very skilled and boasting a hakama and brown belt, is not comfortable with hitting or being hit.  I get a rush from it – sensei seems surprised and amused every time I get that grin on my face.

Anyway.  Tuesday we worked on atemi, which are strikes that move into uke and both disrupt his attack and bring on your own.  Most of these were simple (extremely wide and unnatural – you’d never see something that loose in a fight) strikes toward the neck, blocked with a move to block the strike and use the other hand to counter to uke’s chin with a palm-heel.

Then it got fun.

Sensei and one of the other high-rankers put on squishy helmets so we could really feel what it’s like to follow through on that chin strike.  Now, I can’t get enough of this kind of work, but in part the fun bit is *controlling* your energy – knowing that you could just plow through uke, but also being aware enough to pull your blow properly for the dojo.  It’s a great way to feel confident about the *right* things – not my ability to beat on someone, but my learned control over that ability.  It’s seriously empowering.


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  1. “…you always bring me the very best violence…”

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