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Basics and drills – eskrima

Sargeant ran warm ups on Tuesday, incorporating the dreaded pyramids (one push up followed immediately by one full sit up, then two of each etc until we reach a predetermined number and go all the way back to one) and a wick-tick drill.  It was notable (but not unexpected) that the rhythm and intensity of the strikes were slower and lighter for the drill when using the left hand.  This gives me evil ideas for the next time I run warm ups.

A large portion of the class was taken up with working the basics of angles, blocks and full counters.  We paired up, one person taking the roll of target for the other so as to hone the angles – targeting, angle of attack and the like – and we would then of course switch.  It was easy to see places where I was coming in too shallow or too deep, though I was at least hitting the target zone properly.  I also have a tendency to swing the weapon back too far in rest positions, meaning the butt isn’t pointed directly at my partner.  It’s good to have someone available to point that out.  I think I need a full-length mirror at home so I can practice there, too.

This was also an opportunity for us to help each other learn – Instructor McWethy encouraged us to critique each other, and a fresh set of eyes and a different learning/teaching style can be really useful for catching something you haven’t seen in yourself.

After that section, we moved into a swamp drill.  This is a basic one-for-one situation, using largo sticks, with the added difficulty of not being allowed to move our feet (as though stuck in a swamp, thus the name).  It results in a deep squat stance with a lot of leaning back and forth to evade and attack.  It’s a major quad/hamstring workout, and works your balance as well.  When you can’t move your feet, your core has to take up the slack.

We’ll be doing more of this practice on the upcoming Tuesday, but today is “practical application” day, which means sparring!  Hope I don’t get beat up on quite as badly as my last session … I still have some of those bruises.  Heh.


One Response to “Basics and drills – eskrima”

  1. escrima gots some great drills. just got done doing some on a heavy bag. got a good work out from it.

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