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New shoes ROCK – other exercise

April 23, 2010

I got my new Nike Frees in the mail yesterday, and could barely wait to try them out this morning.  They’re pretty interesting to look at – extremely light, barely structured upper with oddly offset laces.  Whatever.  They could look like I’m wearing giant dead frogs, and I’d still use them to run.  Barefoot running […]

Continuing the movement – eskrima

April 23, 2010

Matt led the warm-ups for a small but dedicated group last night, focusing on yoga poses that had us all panting and stumbling.  It’s especially difficult to do the balance poses on the thick judo mats in the dojo, but if we can nail them on the mats, real-world balance is going to be a […]

Barefoot running shoes – other exercise

April 21, 2010

I’m still getting up and going for a run barefoot style (yay me) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I’ve decided I need shoes designed for the task.  Since traditional cross-trainers like I’m using have most of the cushioning and snug fit on the heel and instep rather than the forefoot, I’m noticing a lot […]

Theory night is full of theory – eskrima

April 21, 2010

Eric led warm-ups last night, with his traditional vim and vigor.  Largo wick-tick drills beat most of us into at least one whining session, but not only is it a good workout, it’s also great for showing us how much more developed we are on our dominant side.  It gave me a few ideas I’d […]

Barefoot sprints and muscle memory – other stuff

April 19, 2010

Managed to get a decent amount of sleep, even though it took me a while to shut up my brain.  It seems to be something that goes along with spring – that erupted-from-nowhere energy that makes new projects so exciting.  Thankfully, it also helps me get up in the morning. I’m continuing with the barefoot […]

Practice in the park – eskrima

April 19, 2010

Finally, the weather was nice enough to start practicing at the Stone Arch Bridge park on weekends.  I’ve been informed (O.o) that my invite lacked a few rather important details, such as “we meet at the Dunn Brothers on 6th and University first”, but on the whole it went very well. Gwen and I arrived […]

Largo sparring, less lightsaber, more eskrima

April 19, 2010

Chris ran warm-ups on Thursday night, forcing us all to do math while exercising.  Results were mixed, but the lack of blood in our brains didn’t reduce us to Neandertals, so I think we have hope of getting used to using our brains effectively while moving. We split up into groups again, white shirts in […]

Traditional vs barefoot running

April 14, 2010

This morning was the second of my little home made workouts.  I started out with a run again (seems to be easiest for my sleep-fogged brain, I just roll into my workout clothing, grab my keys and start running), and tried a bit of an experiment.  I got about five minutes into the run (probably […]

Picky efficency – eskrima

April 14, 2010

Ryan led warm-ups last night with a mix of cardio punctuated by core work.   I always forget how much that sort of thing can suck – the ups and downs, your abs quivering and burning … good times. Following that, Instructor McWethy split us up into two groups by level – white shirts working on […]

New topic – other exercise

April 12, 2010

So today, I started a new workout plan based around a few different things: Cardio fitness Muscle strength Muscle memory The first two are pretty obvious – I’m running sprints outside in the mornings when it’s nice out, and doing one of the various cardio DVDs I have lying around or tapatas when it’s sucky […]