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Backfilling knowledge – eskrima

Tuesday was a great class, both in terms of learning and confidence building.

After Chris led warm-ups, Instructor McWethy reminded all of us of the email he’d sent out the day before, asking us all to go over the curriculum and find something that we feel we really need to work on.  Four of us ended up working on serrada blocks and counters, Eric and Ryan worked on knife and stick disarms, and I believe the rest of the class worked on a variety of things, including stance, body positioning and basic angles.

I can tell that the extra work outside of class is beginning to sink in.  My blocks are more comfortable, and the counters flow better.  As soon as I feel confident in that process, the next step is to make them faster.  Maxwell and Nick got a great point from Instructor McWethy – he noticed that they’d both been stepping away from the attacks rather than stepping in.  Maxwell said that as soon as they took his advice, their counters got faster and tightened up immediately.  I’ll have to remember that one.

The class flew by at amazing speed.  Great class, and a great way to get the students more engaged with their training.


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