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Muscle memory – eskrima

I ran the warm-ups last night, and apparently came up with some exercises that worked well for me, at least.  My shoulders are very noisy every time I try to lift anything.  Including just my arms.  There weren’t too many people there, so I decided to try having the group do ladders.  My personal definition of this “game” is a bit along the same lines as pyramids, where the reps go up to a certain level and then go back down, but this is done with sprinting short distances rather than pushups and situps.  Run a bit, lean down to touch a line on the ground, run back to touch the wall, run to the next line, lean down to touch it, run back to touch the wall, etc etc.  It feels like a good exercise, since a good measuring stick of your fitness level is how well you handle sprints, quick stops and quick changes in direction.

Sadly, I appear to need more of that exercise myself.  My routine is getting ugly and pain inducing!

Since the only people ready to spar were me and Eric, Instructor McWethy decided that the class should spend some more time working on backfilling, as we did on Tuesday.  Eric and I focused on the evasion/pop-up block and counter technique for angle one.  We spent most of the class working on it, and it really seemed to make a huge difference in my muscle memory.

It’s a constant annoyance to me how difficult it is to get your muscles to remember something, especially when your brain knows what you’re supposed to do.  But that moment when it finally clicks – it’s like an epiphany!  You realize that you’re suddenly able to make the moves without even thinking, that you’re able to think strategically without having to focus on moving properly.

So in other words – it’s been a good week.


Footwork and stance is different in serrada. Instructor McWethy noticed that I was approaching blocks as though I were using a dequerdas style block, taking a far wider stance than is safe in serrada (due to how much closer you are to your opponent).  Tighten things up, and suddenly I’m in the right place to do both the block and the counters, and my (ahem) bits are much safer.  I may be a girl, but *no one* likes being kicked in the fork of the legs.  Srsly.

Step into the block. Stepping away or just standing your ground is a different technique.  Serrada is more aggressive and the moves all make more sense if you move in to that close, quarto range.  These techniques have *reason* behind them, they aren’t just pretty dance moves.  When you get in the right place, they work.


3 Responses to “Muscle memory – eskrima”

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  2. awesome experience and thanks for sharing. i like stepping into blocks my self. it jams and stalls your opponent to come back.

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