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Thought and motivation – eskrima

Matt led warm-ups last night, consisting almost entirely of yoga.  I *love* yoga, so I really enjoyed it.  More, I say, more!

The rest of the class was taken up with the usual focus on technique we do on Tuesdays.  The white shirts worked on angles, slow 1-for-1 games, and simple deflections, while the blue and green shirts worked on formal serrada counters.

While I’m certainly feeling more comfortable with the basic concepts of serrada, there’s obviously lots and lots of polishing to be done.  As with most things, it’s the little fiddly details that really make the technique pop, and they’re also the ones that are the hardest to ingrain if you start on them too late.  I’m going to set the serrada counters (which are very regimented and planned out, unlike a lot of the things we do) as my required daily practice for a while.  It should have a good effect, and I’ll keep an eye on it.

Things to remember:

TIGHT. Serrada is a very close technique.  Keep arms as tight to the body as possible while still attacking and defending effectively.  Also keep your footwork tight – you’re very close to your partner, and have to watch out for kicks.

RELAX. While your positioning should be tight, your body should not.  Be ready to move in any direction.  Really, be ready for *any* potential movement.  If the ground shifts, absorb it while maintaining your balance.  Be poised and ready.

As a final note – Gwen was raised to the beginner level last night, and will join the green shirts.  Congrats, Gwen!


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