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Long stick sparring – eskrima

Oh, Thursday was *fun*.

We started off with drills rotating the green shirts and blue shirts through a series of largo strikes and counters, aimed at making it easier to respond dynamically to largo attacks.  It was especially interesting for me when we had to keep up the cover & clear maneuver (basically a figure eight pattern laid on its side, used to keep the stick moving and hopefully back off your opponent) and respond to an attack with a formal largo counter.  This involved breaking the cover & clear pattern to do a with or against counter on the attack angle, do a redondo strike to the neck and then resume the cover and clear.  Once I could let my body take care of the cover & clear motion, it was really exciting to feel how my brain could focus on seeing the beginnings of an attack and then engage with my muscles to deal with it.  Lots of fun.

After a while, we broke out Instructor McWethy’s new largo hit sticks to try largo sparring.  One thing that we all need to work on is maintaining largo range.  The larger weapon is much less effective at medio or quarto range, and the techniques for largo range are really, really different from standard dequerdas or serrada techniques.  Regardless, we all had a lot of fun that night, and I hope we get to play more soon.

Especially since I feel *really* comfortable in largo range.  I need to push myself, but I do need to have empowering fun, too!


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