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New topic – other exercise

So today, I started a new workout plan based around a few different things:

Cardio fitness

Muscle strength

Muscle memory

The first two are pretty obvious – I’m running sprints outside in the mornings when it’s nice out, and doing one of the various cardio DVDs I have lying around or tapatas when it’s sucky out; I’m also doing ab work, push ups and pull ups.

The last one is how it relates to this blog – I’m going to spend twenty to thirty minutes doing eskrima drills, both with and without the sticks.  This morning I focused on the three basic formal serrada counters to angle one – the pop-up, the sweep and the cross.  My goal in doing this is not really to get more physically fit (it’s not like my heart rate gets very high while doing it), instead, I’m trying to ingrain those series of movements in my muscles so that I don’t have to think so much while doing them.  I’m also paying close attention to my form, since it seems to make sense to try to learn it the right way first.  I think it went pretty well today.  We’ll see how much of an effect it has in the long run, but I’m pleased with my ability to get up an hour earlier than I have been and simply do it.

Of course, I may be back in a few days with a sad story of “too tired”.  I sure hope not, though.


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