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Traditional vs barefoot running

This morning was the second of my little home made workouts.  I started out with a run again (seems to be easiest for my sleep-fogged brain, I just roll into my workout clothing, grab my keys and start running), and tried a bit of an experiment.  I got about five minutes into the run (probably just enough for my brain to get kick-started) and I noticed the pain in my hips that had started up again with my Monday run was getting even more annoying.

Now, I’ve always had a problem with my hips while running; I assumed it was the price I paid for having female hips that are more angled in than those of men or slim-hipped women.  Lately though, I’ve been reading more about barefoot running, and thought what the heck, I’ll try out the running style even if I don’t have the right shoes, just to see what happens.

So I did, switching from striking with the heel to striking with the forefoot.  And lo and behold – the pain just vanished.  It was so marked, I kept up the stride even though I was starting to get blisters on my toes because the shoes aren’t designed for that kind of movement.

I think it has a lot of reasons behind it, not least the fact that I can use another joint (the ankle) to soak up some of the impact, but I think it’s mostly due to the fact that the barefoot stride brings the impact directly under your center of mass, rather than out in front of you at an angle.

I may have to pick up a pair of Nike Free shoes.

Anyway, after that, I spent a half hour working serrada counters again, focusing on the counters to angle 4.  They’re all a bit more complicated than the counters for angle 1, since they involve two strikes – one from the knife in the off-hand, followed by one from the main stick.  I swear, these drills in the morning are almost as good as coffee – I really have to wake up and think well if I’m going to do them right, and I’m not getting up that early just to fool around.  Muscle memory, here I come.


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