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Barefoot sprints and muscle memory – other stuff

Managed to get a decent amount of sleep, even though it took me a while to shut up my brain.  It seems to be something that goes along with spring – that erupted-from-nowhere energy that makes new projects so exciting.  Thankfully, it also helps me get up in the morning.

I’m continuing with the barefoot running technique and still have no problems.  The only (minimal) pain I’ve had is stiffness in my calves, which honestly I totally expected when taking up running.

I added in a full-out sprint at the end of the run, and I think I’m going to start adding in more and more of that.  I’ve heard that an excellent indicator of fitness level is the ability to sprint, and stop and change directions quickly.  I can see how that would be really useful in sparring, so I’ll add that in as I feel I’m up for it.

I’m also looking into buying barefoot-style running shoes.  They are nowhere near cheap, though, so we’ll just have to see.  Maybe a sale will show up somewhere.

After the run, I walked a bit to cool down and lower my heart rate, then picked up my stick for serrada counter practice.  I had a bit of an epiphany – there is one of two sequences in all of the counters I know now, and if I chain them together in a “phrase”, I can almost think of them as one move, leaving more of my brain able to think about other things (like for example, is the second weapon in serrada coming after me!).  If this sticks and stays easy like it did this morning, I can imagine increasing both my speed and fluidity.  Which rocks.


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