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Largo sparring, less lightsaber, more eskrima

Chris ran warm-ups on Thursday night, forcing us all to do math while exercising.  Results were mixed, but the lack of blood in our brains didn’t reduce us to Neandertals, so I think we have hope of getting used to using our brains effectively while moving.

We split up into groups again, white shirts in the back and colored shirts in the front.  The front group worked on two-handed largo techniques, both blocks and strikes.  We noticed that there’s more playing with range with the two-handed techniques as opposed to the traditional largo counters – it’s easier to manipulate the large weapon in for a block, set up your opponent for a strike, then step back to largo range.  Putting both hands on the tool gives you more control over the fulcrum/lever action, though it does shorten your strike/block range.

The second instance of largo sparring was, again, extremely fun.  Gwen and Esten did a particularly good job of keeping to the largo range and using the techniques effectively.  Chris and Matt both got their first tries at sparring and did extremely well.  The class seems to be progressing in leaps and bounds these days.

Tuesday, we are likely in for more serrada and siniwallis practice.


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