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Theory night is full of theory – eskrima

Eric led warm-ups last night, with his traditional vim and vigor.  Largo wick-tick drills beat most of us into at least one whining session, but not only is it a good workout, it’s also great for showing us how much more developed we are on our dominant side.  It gave me a few ideas I’d like to incorporate into my own routines.

Again, we split into two groups – white shirts and colored shirts.  White shirts worked on dequerdas blocks and counter strikes, while the rest of us worked on basic serrada counters.  I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with the concepts, but I’d obviously misremembered a few of the sequences.  I spent nearly an hour after class writing down the numerado for all three counters for angles 1-4, and I *think* I have it all figured now.  I’ll be checking with Instructor McWethy to be certain I’m not training myself poorly, which would lead to instructing others poorly.  That’s a big no-no in my book.  Propagating errors tend to grow in size and proportion and I’ve no interest in that.

Near the end of class, Instructor McWethy had the colored shirts line up and show full counters against an imaginary opponent, and I had a rather eye-opening experience.  Like I said earlier, I’d misremembered a lot more than I thought and had to relearn more than one sequence.  I hope I’ve got it all written down for reference now, but I’ve also stuffed my notebook back in my gym bag, in the hope that I can prevent that sort of thing from happening again.

It is pretty gratifying to see my extra work starting to pay off.  The picky details are starting to sink in, especially the ones regarding using the stick or live hand to guard the face, and exactly how that guard should be held.  It’s really exciting – I’m finding myself really motivated to practice, both solo and in groups.

Thursday will be more largo sparring, and I hope to organize another practice in the park on Sunday.


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