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New shoes ROCK – other exercise

I got my new Nike Frees in the mail yesterday, and could barely wait to try them out this morning.  They’re pretty interesting to look at – extremely light, barely structured upper with oddly offset laces.  Whatever.  They could look like I’m wearing giant dead frogs, and I’d still use them to run.  Barefoot running is *amazing*.  Not only do my feet and joints not hurt at all, but I find myself actually loving the feeling of running.  Being outside, learning my neighborhood, lost in my own world and able to think without many distractions – it’s fantastic.  I never expected to enjoy running.  I thought it would at best be tolerable.  Instead, I find it’s something I actively want to do in the morning.

The shoes have surprising arch support and heel cushioning.  I was honestly expecting them to feel almost like wearing flip-flops strapped to my feet, and instead they’re extremely comfortable for walking as well.

I bet I’m sad the next time it’s raining and I can’t run.


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