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Beatin’ on the basics – eskrima

Oh thank all the heavens above and below, my car is functional and I can get to class to beat on things again.

Ian led warm-ups last night in a hot and sweaty environment, sending the class through laps, core-work and wick-tick drills.  Wish we had some windows in that room!  It would have been nice to get some cool air.

Last night was truly a basics night.  We went over a variety of techniques, some of which I really need to drill more if I expect to advance to blue shirt any time soon.  In particular, the block-hit counters and block-redirect counters are basic and simple enough that I should really have them down pat by now.  The siniwalis work went well, though I do really need a new set of sticks – I can feel my current pair bending *as* I strike, before I’ve even contacted my partner’s sticks!  Like a half-boiled noodle.

We spent a good half hour on stick disarms, which was great.  We haven’t worked on those in a while, and it was really needed – at least on my part.

We went over some terminology first.  There are two basic types of disarms:  snake and vine.  Snake refers to the live hand doing most of the work, and vine refers to the stick doing most of the work.  We only got to a few different techniques, since disarms, while fun and interesting, are really complicated.  Even the basic ones we worked on last night depend on an exact series of moves performed in the exact right position – and most of the time, the technique doesn’t work.  Instructor McWethy pointed out that disarms are mostly an attack of opportunity or inspiration – never go into a fight with a disarm as your plan.  Either the moment comes up or it doesn’t – just be ready for it when it does.


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