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Largo sparring techniques – eskrima

Last night’s class was small, but densely packed with information and practice.  A good sweaty time was had by all, I think.

Maxwell led the warm-ups.  I’m going to remember that high-jump thing and the dreaded Captain’s Chair for the next time I’m in front of the class.

We split the class vaguely in half for the time period before sparring:  James and Chris working on basic largo angles and counters, me, Maxwell and Tony working on largo one-for-one variations.  We started out limited to traditional against and with counters.  I need to work on edge awareness for largo – I’m often hitting with the flat rather than the edge.  I’m doing slightly better at keeping my live hand in play and not dropping to my side, so I’ll keep working on that.

After a bit, we added in stick ride techniques followed by a riposte.  This basically translates to using your stick as a ramp for your opponent’s stick, coming deep to riposte off that stick ride to an unprotected area of your opponent, and then backing off to largo range again.  It’s a little against habit – to get the technique right, you have to step in and under (for angles 1 & 2) or to the side (angles 3-9), rather than sliding back as you do in traditional with and against counters.  Once you’ve deflected your opponent’s stick, you immediately come around to strike him, then back off to largo range.

Sparring, as usual for me, was both fun and frustrating.  I was concentrating on not getting so revved up, gassing out quickly and unable to think and plan (see my previous post on aikido for more on that).  The problem is that while that was moderately successful, I was concentrating on that enough that I wasn’t able to spar effectively.  Over-concentration fail.  Grr.

On another note, I’ve floated the idea of a recap session in the park on Wednesday evenings to solidify the techniques learned and worked on Tuesdays, with some definite interest.  I’m planning on trying to get folks together next week for the first of (hopefully) many recaps.  If anyone is interested and needs more information, either send me an email or find me on Tuesday.

See you all there!


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