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Comfort levels – eskrima

I led warm-ups last night, and successfully managed to turn everyone’s legs into wet noodles.  Hopefully, people are still thinking of me as they walk around today.

Last night’s was a small class made up of some of the die-hard enthusiasts: me, Eric, Matt and Tony.  We paired up and worked one-for-one exercises, focusing on controlling swing speed and energy in order to enable each other to feel out and try different blocking techniques.  Tony and I started the evening focusing on simple dequerdas blocks, but eventually (after some prodding from Instructor McWethy) branched out into evasions, fryley deflections, stick rides and block/redirect combos.

Notes from the class:

Appropriate level of relaxation – I keep coming back to this concept in all the classes I take.  A heightened level of stress increases the number of things your body and brain need to worry about, and also decreases the number of things your body and brain can handle at once.  Tony and I discussed how we seem to have opposite strengths – he’s much more comfortable in the sparring ring, but tends to overthink one-for-one exercises, where I’m feeling more and more relaxed and aware in those exercises but still go blank during sparring.  This is something that will only go away with time and effort, I suspect.

I’m still planning on holding Wednesday recap sessions in the park, though it seems likely that today is out since I got no takers.  Hopefully, with the expected return of nicer weather this weekend, we’ll all get back out there soon.  Details will be posted in an email to the class.


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