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Directed sparring – eskrima

Slight uptick in numbers last night as compared to Tuesday (curse you spring, for luring so many of my sparring partners away!) but oh boy, was it a fun night.

Instructor McWethy led the warm-ups, having us beat the daylights out of the tall bags and running us through core work.  Once we were good and sweaty, he split us up into white shirts and colored shirts so we could work on sparring drills and tactics.  Tony and I worked on largo stick rides and deflections that lead easily into ripostes.   After giving us a while to fool around and feel out those tactics, we went into directed sparring.

The basic idea was very simple – given one minute, we were told to use only a particular technique (the one we’d been working earlier, of course).  Once we’d gotten a bit of a feel for using those moves in an area of heightened stress, we then had the usual two minutes of more unstructured sparring.  It seemed to make it easier implement the technique without overdosing on adrenaline.  It’ll be interesting to see the videos.

Sunday practice is on, btw – it’s supposed to be lovely out and we have no excuse!  1pm at the Stone Arch Bridge park – meet at the Dunn Bros on University.


2 Responses to “Directed sparring – eskrima”

  1. White shirts worked on maintaining range combined with baiting.

    Feeding student would feed 4 random angles. Defender would evade the first 3, then stand their ground to block and counter the 4th strike, then retreat to on-guard. The purpose of this tactic is to bait in the aggressor to swing deeper and deeper until they over-commit the strike. This is when the defender is able to capitalize on this over-extension by blocking and counter-attacking.

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