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Working in disarms – eskrima

Rio ran warm-ups last night – his first effort, and a good one.  I had to take it easy on some of the exercises because I had a twingy wrist, and even so I got a great workout.

The class started off simply, with a bit of one-4-one to review blocks and evasions.  From there, we attempted to work in some of the disarm moves we reviewed on Tuesday.  This was as difficult as Instructor McWethy had warned – even with a complicit partner, getting those moves in quickly enough for them to be useful was occasionally really frustrating.  I found it easier to implement some techniques more than others, giving me ideas as to what I need to work on during practice with others.

Next, we geared up in sparring equipment and kept our hard sticks to add in a bit of speed and reality to the disarms.  It was surprisingly different, if only for the added bulk of the gloves and the extra zing you get from a hard stick smacking your helmet.

From there, we moved into a stress drill where we were given one angle to watch for and attempt to disarm, just blocking the rest.  Not easy!  Stress drills are difficult for me, in that they introduce that added level of adrenaline that tends to drop my skills a level or two, so it was interesting to see just how wrong the techniques went, and *where* they went wrong.  Added speed and decreased relaxation are the big things for me to work on.

Finally, we pulled out the soft sticks and played a big game of Every Man for Himself.  All of us able to spar that night went into the ring together, blows to the body and head were kills, arms and legs could be taken out of play, etc.  It was a lot of fun.


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