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unarmed is not powerless – eskrima

We had a new student last night – welcome to Mitch!  We hope to see a bunch more of you.

Ryan ran warm-ups last night, with a strong cardio session followed by traditional boxing practice with focus mitts, which we haven’t done in quite a while.  Lots of fun.

Instructor McWethy had us do something we haven’t done in quite a while – reactive knife defense (or RKD) vs single stick.  The concept is pretty simple – use the outside edge of your forearm to deflect a blow, with your live hand as backup.  It ties in quite nicely with a person’s natural reactions, and as Instructor McWethy said, I’d far rather take a weapon to one of the strongest bones in my body than a blow to the head.

Still, it’s purely defensive and you do still have to take a blow.  So the next step is using the block to open an opportunity.  Rather than blocking the weapon with your forearm and leaving your live hand as backup, you can block with the live hand (like a serrada block) and leave your forearm as insurance, to keep your opponent’s weapon from slipping past the block and smacking you.  There are several benefits to this technique – you can *control* rather than just block.  It leads very naturally into traps, disarms and even limb destructions.

We practiced two follow-up techniques to the second type of RKD block.  The first was off angle 1, stopping the swing and then wrapping your opponent’s weapon with the left arm.  Once trapped or disarmed, we finished with a backfist to the brachial plexus.  The second technique was off angle 2 – blocking the swing and then stepping forward to bring the forearm of your left arm up for an arm bar and/or limb destruction.  I found that it was possible to pull your opponent forward into the arm bar rather than stepping in yourself.  This pulled him off-balance and would make it easier to do a throw and pin.

We’ll be putting these techniques into practice again on Thursday, as well as directed and open sparring.  Bring your gear!


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