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Tactics drills – eskrima

We had a good-sized class last night, about half and half white shirts and colored shirts.  It’s good to see everyone!

Nick ran us around the room for warm-ups, mixing laps with siniwallis practice, bag work and tapatas drills.  It’s been a while since we really worked the bags during warm-ups, so that was a treat.

We started the actual class with a good long session of the break-in/break-out drill.  It consists of six strikes – three largo followed by three medio range.  The idea is learning to control range, moving from a longer, defensive range (largo) where you retreat with each counter to a tighter, more stand your ground range (medio) where you bring dequerdas techniques into play.

This is a great drill, but it’s also very rhythmic.  There’s a steady six-count measure that’s more about defense than it is about spinning a defense into an offense.  We addressed that in the next drills.

The first technique involved countering two largo strikes, evading a third, and snapping back on the half-beat with a counterstrike.  That last evasion ends up being a bit of an elastico evasion, which I’d describe as an evasion where you don’t step back – rather, you stretch the targeted area of your body away from the strike and snap it back like a rubber band to perform the counter.  Not only is it fast, but it’s a good way to confuse your opponent.  It looks like a retreat, while it’s really a set-up for stepping in.

The second technique had a similar purpose, using different tactics.  Rather than evading the last strike, we used a side-step combined with a stick ride to set up the counter.  A stick ride is a bit like a parry in empty hands – you deflect instead of blocking, using your opponent’s momentum and sliding to his unprotected flank.  Angles 1 and 2 were relatively easy to pull off, though I had issues with not moving to the side enough and being forced to strike to the thigh rather than the neck or head.  Obviously need some practice there.  Angles 3 and 4 took a bit more brain-beating to pull off properly, especially if your opponent was crowding you (sorry Instructor!), but by the end of the class, we all appeared to have figured things out pretty well.

Sunday in the park is on, rain or shine (at least for me), so drop me a line if you need directions.  Practice starts at one pm.


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