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Ego bruising is good for the soul – eskrima

We all got a bit of a wake-up call last night in class.  A pop quiz on everything in the curriculum under Basics and Beginner – and there’s plenty to work on.  As Instructor McWethy said – time to soak our heads.

I’m going to focus on things *I* need to work on, since obviously, that’s what I was paying attention to.

From the Basics section – most of my problems were remembering semantics.  Study guards and work on twirling without clocking myself.

From the Beginner section – Fryley deflections need lots of work, KDM … well, I think I’ve got the knowledge there, but not anything like application.  Need to find either a way to practice this by myself, or kidnap one of my co-students.  Still thinking about the best way to handle that.

Looking forward to the Intermediate section – I’m comfortable with the largo and siniwallis information, the boxing and some of the serrada info, though lock&block still tenses me up like nobody’s business.  The rest of it all needs work, even if I’ve been introduced to it before.  I may remember and be aware of it, but I don’t have it in my muscles, by any means.

And as always – sparring is the bane of my existence and must be conquered.  That is all.

Honestly, I love this sort of feedback.  It’s driven home what I need to work on, and sets my teeth on edge.  I can’t *stand* knowing something is wrong and not fixing it, and this gives me the kick in the pants I need to do something about it.


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