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Footwork – eskrima

Chris ran warm-ups last night, proving once again that it’s really hard to add when your muscles are burning.  At least we got the same number twice this time.

The night was a focus on footwork – as a defender, how does your foot placement affect your tactics?  What’s available to you, depending on the angle of attack and your stance when attacked.

The simplest way to describe last night’s core concept is – don’t waste time and effort trying to switch your footwork to meet an attack.  Instead, work from where you are, using techniques that suit that position.  Defenses that work when you’re facing the angle of attack can get you whacked if you try them when turned away.  Using the most suited tactics can take you from (at best) a dead stop to turning the situation to your advantage.

The same idea translates to where you have your stick loaded.  Don’t try to swish your stick around to accomplish some fancy technique you want to do – work with what you have and wait for the right opportunity to try that technique.

After a bit of practice with the hard sticks, we switched to sparring gear and did a free-flow one-for-one session, trying to use the defenses we’d been practicing, concentrating on maneuvering around our opponents rather than staying linear.  Mixed results, but it was fun and thought-provoking.

More of the same is expected for next week.  Bring your gear and be ready to move!


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