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Absent girl is repentant

I’m not sure where those couple of weeks went, but I’m back in the saddle again.  No one slip me any more micky finns.

I’ll do a quick recap of last night’s non-class practice, to creep back into things.

Worked on serrada and lock & block exclusively last night.  The short version:  while I’ve come quite a way along the path of “figuring this out”, I’ve still got a long way to go.  This is a good thing in some ways and highly frustrating in others.

Seriously, serrada is *fun*.  It’s tight, defensive barrages designed to keep you moving and aware at very close range, especially in lock & block.  That particular exercise has one person feeding (often random) strikes with both a serrada stick (slightly shorter than dequerdas) and a very short stick to represent a knife; the other person has just the serrada stick and their live hand to work with.

And there is one of the main teaching points of the exercise – effective use of the live hand.  In most serrada counters, you want to switch back and forth between stick and live hand, so it’s obvious that you need to take them both into consideration.  Thing is, we all focus so much on using the stick effectively that we often leave the live hand hanging just as a back-up.  Not the most effective use of resources.  Get more ambidextrous!

The biggest hint of the evening – RELAX OMG.  Lock & block is a bit of a stress drill, and it’s so easy to get tied up on your own tension.  Use the tension to respond to the first strike and then relax as you go through the routine of your counter so you can effectively watch for the next strike and respond quickly to that one.

My goal to improve this – obviously I need to practice lock & block more often, but I also need to work on the particulars and niceties of the serrada counters themselves.  The more comfortable I am, the more relaxed I’ll be.  Time to get back to the solo drills in the mornings.


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