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KDM and knife work

Last night’s class was small, and full of the dedicated.  Instructor McWethy took over the warm-ups for a night, and boy, do my shoulders hurt.  It’s those slow pushups that kill me.  Thankfully, the running around was curtailed for the evening because of the non-functional AC.  Here’s hoping that gets fixed soon so we can get back to our normal antics!

Knife  KDM basics were the focus of the class, which we haven’t done for a while.  It was a fun change-up and new information to most people there.  We spent the time working on the rules of fighting with a knife in real life (boils down to” don’t do it unless you have to, and make sure you *really* have to”), blocks, parries and some slow 1-for-1.  We covered techniques for both heaven and earth grip on the knife, and worked out which techniques worked best with what option.

I love when we get the opportunity to drill basics and point out to each other places where we can improve.  It’s a great way to free up the instructor for specific questions (and so he can hang back and observe students and offer specific advice), and it also helps us students help each other.

As usual, my own biggest issue is relaxation.  I do much better and see more when I’m not all jacked up.  It’s getting there.


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