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Playing catch up

The title to this post is a tiny bit of a pun.  I’ve got Thursday and Sunday to document, so there’s that obvious reference.  I’ve also got a bit of musing on backsliding and how to avoid constantly trying to keep my current knowledge and skill level from degrading.

First, the non-thinky stuff.  Thursday was a continuation of the KDM and knife practice we did last Tuesday.  We plowed through a lot of different defenses and techniques, many of them complicated by multiple counter-strikes.  I think everyone had a great time, and I especially enjoyed working on decisive and fast finishes to conflicts.

Sunday in the park, we had a good showing and got to work on quite a few different techniques – disarms, serrada counters and more practice and experimenting with the knife counters we worked on Thursday.  I hope we can continue getting such good crowds.

Finally, the musing.  How do I keep progressing in eskrima?  It seems to me that my biggest area of concern is drilling outside of class.  I can expect to learn new concepts and techniques in class; I can expect a certain amount of drilling.  Thing is, I can’t expect to teach my muscles much of anything in class.  The brain learns and comprehends things faster than muscles, but muscle memory is what we have to fall back on if we’re ever in a combat situation for real.

I can’t expect to acquire and maintain skills in just the three hours of class available per week.  The repetitive motions required to teach my muscles to respond are *my* responsibility.  In order to become smoother, more confident, cannier in combat, I will need to put in more time and effort on my own.

Now I just need to figure out how to drill without a partner most of the time, and I’m ready to go.


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