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Control at the base

September 23, 2010

I know that sounds a bit like a line from a video game, but hang in with me for a bit. We worked on siniwallis one-for-one on Tuesday, and as usual, I feel like I’m both working on problems I found before, but also finding new ones.  At least I can fix them once they’re […]

Randori – when two come after one

September 23, 2010

Tuesday’s aikido class was a return to randori, both for me personally and the class in general.  It was also a serious workout. The purpose of randori, at least as I see it in my current level, is to start stepping the prepared, rational, controlled techniques we learn one at a time from that controlled […]

The right amount of vigor

September 17, 2010

Nick knocked us around for warm-ups last night, and I’ve got the barked knuckles to show for it.  I think we did about 70 push-ups altogether, in 10 push-up increments.  Not counting the 40 a couple of folks had to do to atone for not wearing the proper uniform (ie still not sewing the patch […]

Back at aikido after a hiatus

September 15, 2010

I had to take a funds-forced break from aikido for a few months, but thankfully, I can go back now!  Last night was my first class back. It was a randoori night, so we focused more on techniques that aren’t so stylized – always a fun thing for me.  We started extremely close to our […]

The dichotomy of loose focus

September 15, 2010

Much of last night’s class was taken up with discussions and demonstrations of our experiences at the Katipunan.  I’m personally really excited to see the video of the classes – Esten has already posted some video on the FTP site, but as usual, I’m impatient and want it all NOW. Once we got all that […]

Katipunan recap

September 14, 2010

Several of us from the Equilibrado Orihinal eskrima group here in MN went to the Katipunan event in Chicago this past weekend, and it was a blast. Regardless of the rain, about thirty (or so) FMA practitioners and instructors showed up at the LaBaugh Woods park to huddle under a pavilion and share knowledge.  There’s […]