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Back at aikido after a hiatus

I had to take a funds-forced break from aikido for a few months, but thankfully, I can go back now!  Last night was my first class back.

It was a randoori night, so we focused more on techniques that aren’t so stylized – always a fun thing for me.  We started extremely close to our partners, bellies nearly touching.  That’s the most dangerous range, and also very true to life, from what I understand.  Angry, belligerent people tend to encroach on their victims’ personal space as an intimidation tactic before throwing the first punch, usually a hook or haymaker.

The techniques were simple and not flashy at all, but very effective.  Most involved getting arms up to protect the head and collapsing into your assailant, to negate the effectiveness of further attacks.  Then, we could swim under the opponent’s raised arm and get him in a choke hold before throwing him to the ground.

The nastiest one was a true triangle choke, and that one could probably knock someone out easily within a few seconds.  Having blood flow cut off on both sides of your neck at once is pretty serious – we didn’t do much of that one.

Great class, and I’m glad to be back.


2 Responses to “Back at aikido after a hiatus”

  1. Did you also learn the counter to the choke? That can be equally valuable (if not moreso since it’s for your protection) to have under your belt…so to speak.

  2. We didn’t go over the counter, unfortunately. He didn’t have time and I had to run out the door to get to eskrima. One of the brown belts that takes the class seems to have lots of knowledge in the grappling area – Phil was deferring to him on form – so I’ll have to ask him about it at the next class.

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