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The right amount of vigor

Nick knocked us around for warm-ups last night, and I’ve got the barked knuckles to show for it.  I think we did about 70 push-ups altogether, in 10 push-up increments.  Not counting the 40 a couple of folks had to do to atone for not wearing the proper uniform (ie still not sewing the patch onto a pair of pants).  I’m bringing a needle and thread to class next week, just in case.

We had a larger class, which is always a challenge when working with siniwallis techniques.  The four white-shirt students stuck to the back of the class and worked on pattern drills, while the blue and green shirt students reviewed one-for-one techniques and worked on weaving redirects into that game.

The tips/rules pretty much remain the same for anything resembling combat siniwallis – defocus, letting your peripheral vision direct your action; relax, since this aids in the defocusing and helps you move faster and with more efficiency; and always rechamber your weapon after a strike so you don’t get tangled up or unable to defend yourself.

I’m beginning to feel confident enough with these techniques that I’m moving from the “what should I be doing right now oh crap that was wrong” mindset to the “this is freaking fun” mindset.  It’s a unique way of training particular to FMA, this ambidextrous attack and defend process.  I can’t wait to see how this helps out my serrada and KDM techniques – I imagine more than I would expect.


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