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Locks, escapes and flow – eskrima

Last night’s class was fantastic – a big upper after feeling stupid about getting yet another black eye last week.

We’ve moved to KDM (kadena de mano or “chained hands”).  The link is to a YouTube video of Inayan practitioners demoing the basic techniques.  Last night was some basic joint locks, and the first few moves of lock flow #1.

There’s a lot in this material that reminds me of aikido, with one exception – we’re learning escapes from the locks as well as the locks themselves.  The movements are smooth and fast, and really require very little strength to apply.  It’s all about body position and taking you’re opponent’s balance.

Instructor McWethy mentioned that doing lock flows when you’re really good at them can be heady, almost addictive.  The moves are smooth and powerful, and there’s a great sense of satisfaction to be derived from doing the techniques correctly and responding well.

I seriously can’t wait for Thursday.

Additionally, I’ve acquired an edged weapon (a modified machete) to practice with at home, and I’m finding having a real edged weapon to be doing wonders for my swing form.  It’s even easier to maintain to continuous flow of moves, if only because the blade is a bit tip-heavy and doesn’t stop easily.

Good times!


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