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Archive for April 2012

Video games have given me an insight

April 28, 2012

While mashing buttons and killing pixels are all well and good, they aren’t the type I like to play. I like puzzle games. Yes, I love Bejeweled, and I won’t feel shame.  I play mah-jhong solitaire and often see the tiles on my eyelids as I’m trying to fall asleep. This particular insight (and yes, […]

Nailing down form – eskrima

April 27, 2012

Last night’s class was a lot of brain work. Serrada is a very formal version of FMA, and as such, it has very specific rules and goals.  A bit like a very angry, precise dance. Except, of course, for the angry part. The more amped up I get while doing serrada, the more problems I […]

Getting back into the groove

April 25, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I updated this blog regularly, and I’ve decided to have another go at it. Coming fresh off a seminar in Madison with our Inayan family in the IS3, the class has been working on a lot of serrada and lock & block. Serrada is a form of FMA created […]