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Getting back into the groove

It’s been quite a while since I updated this blog regularly, and I’ve decided to have another go at it.

Coming fresh off a seminar in Madison with our Inayan family in the IS3, the class has been working on a lot of serrada and lock & block.

Serrada is a form of FMA created by Angel Cabalas, a small man who could break bones seemingly without moving much at all. In Spanish, serrada means “to close”. It’s a very tight form of the art, with the arms and legs kept close to the body, using a small footprint to increase efficiency.

Last night was Fun. We did a good hard warm-up, worked on the short, hard strike that comes from the core rather than the shoulder by hitting the bags for a while, then settled into a good hour of rehearsing the basic counters for each angle. We concentrated on form and muscle memory, and Jill and I got to angle four before we broke to move on, which tell you how much minutiae we had to work with.

For the last half hour of class, we worked on lock & block, both feeding and receiving. L&B builds awareness, speed, and muscle memory by giving the feeder two weapons (a sword and a knife) and limiting the receiver to defensive actions. By the end of the night, everyone was sweaty, and everyone was improving.

It’s fantastic to see so much progress!


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