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Video games have given me an insight

While mashing buttons and killing pixels are all well and good, they aren’t the type I like to play.

I like puzzle games.

Yes, I love Bejeweled, and I won’t feel shame.  I play mah-jhong solitaire and often see the tiles on my eyelids as I’m trying to fall asleep.

This particular insight (and yes, it’s related to martial arts, I swear) occurred while playing that old Windows standby, Minesweeper.

Not Minecraft, the one all the cool kids are playing.  The “click squares and hope you don’t die” one.

And how on earth did this turn into an insight on martial arts?  Easy.   Speed is a failing for the sophomore.

I only started playing the game recently, and in the first few times, I was glacially slow.  I felt tentative about clicking on those potential mines, because I didn’t see any patterns.  Then, once I started seeing patterns, I got cocky.  I got faster, and also … did worse.

Starting to see my insight?

In eskrima, I tend to learn things at low, low speed at first, because there’s no muscle understanding of the movement.  My body is jerky as I try to get it to follow a new pattern.  Then, as I start to get the hang of it (in school terms, graduate from freshman to sophomore), I try to look cool.  I increase my speed, thinking I know a lot more than I do.  My learning suffers as a result – form goes down the toilet, and I fail and become frustrated.

So.  My new goal is to relish the slow pace of the beginner.  Get comfortable with this thing I’m forcing my body to learn, and really really extremely comfortable, before I try speed.

Also, stop trying to look cool.  Cause that’s where the mines are.


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