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Balancing scales – eskrima

Martial arts is a balancing act between “martial” and “arts”.  Any given system can focus too much on one aspect or the other.  The system I train in aims to balance them.

Lately, we’ve been catching up on the form and precision of the art to balance out the application of the martial, and I think it’s well-timed.  The students all have a good intellectual grasp of why we do things in a certain way, and ask well-thought-out questions to prove it.  Now we’re working on drilling the knowledge into muscle memory, both in calm practice situations and under the stress of lock and block.

One of the things I lack as a serious practitioner of eskrima is a training partner.  There’s only so much I can do on my own.  This means that these drill sessions in class are invaluable to me, and presumably to others in the class as well.

In fact, now that it’s nice outside again, I should attempt to set up weekend practice like we’ve had in the past.  Serrada and lock&block Sundays, perhaps.


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