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Espada y Daga – eskrima

Last night’s class was both awesome and exhausting, coupled with the nervous excitement of doing new things.

Espada y daga is exactly what the Spanish words translate to – sword and dagger.  It’s a combination in feel of serrada and combat siniwallis – using two weapons, but one is still shorter than the other.  It’s a very different sensation than serrada, especially during lock & block.  Both feeder and receiver have to move a lot more, and it’s a more equal playing field than serrada, where only the feeder uses two weapons.

I was working with Maxwell, who was fantastically patient with my enthusiasm.  Not that he didn’t respond in kind – he nearly took me to the floor a few times and only stopped when his point had been made – but he put up with my excitement until I calmed down and started to focus.

We also did a lot of serrada l&b, and I’m feeling far more confident than I used to.  It’s fantastic to see and feel progress.


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