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The return of good bruises

June 22, 2012

Last night, lots of good things happened in class. First off, we had four new people show up, which is always fun.  Though it does lead to people getting all clumped together during the warm-ups, like rush hour traffic. While Instructor McWethy spent most of his time with the new folks, the rest of us […]

KDM basics – don’t try so hard!

June 13, 2012

I got to work with one of the new folks last night, and it fascinates me how, as newbies, we all try so incredibly hard, slapping hands away, dodging and panicking, and of course holding our breath as though we’re underwater. So much of eskrima is flow and efficiency.  A parry isn’t a big motion, […]

The effortless nature of true knowledge

June 8, 2012

A truth that seems to be universal  – once you pass a milestone, you wonder why you were working so damn hard before. Working with Maxwell last night on largo techniques using a variation of the break-in break-out drill, I was busting my butt trying to close range and attack.  Maxwell pointed out that I […]

Back to basics

June 6, 2012

We’re back to hammering on basics on Tuesdays, and I’m very happy about it. As someone who doesn’t have a regular training partner outside of class, there are a lot of concepts that have made their way into my brain, but not my muscles.  I can understand the concepts of ballet (for example) better than […]