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The effortless nature of true knowledge

A truth that seems to be universal  – once you pass a milestone, you wonder why you were working so damn hard before.

Working with Maxwell last night on largo techniques using a variation of the break-in break-out drill, I was busting my butt trying to close range and attack.  Maxwell pointed out that I was getting hung up, trying to rush him and bowl him over.  Since that sort of technique is unlikely to work for me in the real world (I’m no fragile flower, but I can’t knock over most men with a blind rush, that’s for sure), he recommended moving past him and cutting as I did so.

Suddenly, it was effortless.  No straining, no clinching, just a smooth pass that would have taken out my opponent.

Lesson learned – find the efficient path.  Don’t work so hard.  You may need the energy later.


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