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KDM basics – don’t try so hard!

I got to work with one of the new folks last night, and it fascinates me how, as newbies, we all try so incredibly hard, slapping hands away, dodging and panicking, and of course holding our breath as though we’re underwater.

So much of eskrima is flow and efficiency.  A parry isn’t a big motion, it’s just a small guide to one side.  It’s good to have strong energy in your punches and blocks, but a lot of the moves are similar to aikido moves, where you work with the energy given to you and give it back in spades.

It’s an eye-opening experience every time I get to teach something.  I learn so much, and I get to see the light go on and the enthusiasm brighten in the new person.  I’m really grateful I get to do this.


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