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The return of good bruises

Last night, lots of good things happened in class.

First off, we had four new people show up, which is always fun.  Though it does lead to people getting all clumped together during the warm-ups, like rush hour traffic.

While Instructor McWethy spent most of his time with the new folks, the rest of us worked on parry drills, trying to get them both faster and more complex.  I worked with Maxwell, and he really pushed me hard, getting me frustrated, then stopping to show me *why* I was getting frustrated, and then having me demonstrate the more efficient moves.  I felt a lot more comfortable by the end of class.

After the parry drills, we all put on helmets and gloves so we could work some of the same drills more realistically.  It was a bit jarring – we don’t normally take punches to the face at 80% power!  But it was again, really useful.  I managed to get Maxwell a couple of times with a brachial plexus  stun.  That guy is never going to live that reaction down – he’s really sensitive to that stun.  At least I managed to pull it both times and avoid knocking him to the mat!

Finally, sparring.  Yay for sparring!  I’ve been missing it.  Actually, we can all tell that it’s been a while – we have lots of blocks and tricks to re-learn.  Here’s to doing that more often.

And yes, in reference to the title of this post – I have bruises on my thighs (I *always* get hit on the thighs!) and a pretty one on my right knuckles.  At least I know my punches are hitting with the right part of the hand!


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