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Two sticks and sparring

Siniwallis is always challenging.  You’ve got two weapons of equal length, so you need to be as ambidextrous as possible.  You have to keep track of your partner’s two sticks, and keep your own from getting tangled.

The biggest issue, at least for me, is flow.  I have so many things to keep track of that I lose sight of the bigger picture and become a herky-jerky robot.  I think my best way through this is carenza (for those not familiar with the term, it’s a solo practice that ends up looking much like a dance).  If I can get those movements into my muscles and feel comfortable moving that way, I can set that part on autopilot and let my brain worry about the other stuff.  Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend!

We also did a lot of directed sparring, resulting in some impressive smacks to my anatomy, and a lot to think about with respect to translating these moves into actual sparring sessions.  Since a partner during sparring is unlikely to stand still for your counter hit, I’m trying to come up with ways of making that work, like taking advantage of the blind spot that all humans have in their vision.  We’ll see how that works next week.


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